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20. februāris 08:30

Zurich Maratón de Sevilla

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Mājas lapa: Zurich Maratón de Sevilla

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In the Zurich Maratón de Sevilla, organized by the Seville Council’s Sport Institute (Instituto Municipal de Deportes de Sevilla) and Motorpress Ibérica, there will be 14,000 runners. This marathon is the flattest course in Europe and has perfect weather conditions in February for those professionals and age groupers that are looking for their personal best.

The Zurich Maratón de Sevilla is perfect to achieve a great time due to its flat circuit at sea level and protected from the wind, the climate of the city in late February, the beautiful course that returns to the historic and touristic area with more public, the excellent attention to runners recognized by participants and institutions, and because Seville offers all the touristic conditions for the visitors to live a unique week.

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