25. februāris

Sahara Marathon

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The marathon is the principal event, however a number of other shorter races will be held on the same day and all will finish at the Smara camp.
Marathon 42km – El Ayoun – Auserd – Smara
½ Marathon 21km – Auserd – Smara
10km – Farmacia – Smara
5km – Paco – Smara

Participants will be transported to the start of each race.
The course will be marked with piles of stones, flags and other temporary markers. The terrain is mostly compact earth, sand and rocks with some areas of soft sand and the marathon follows a course that is largely flat apart from a series of low rises between 20-30km.
A series of water stations will be provided every 3km and four-wheel drive vehicles will follow the course to provide assistance if required.
Beginning this year you won’t find anymore plastic bottles of water at the water stations, but water tanks (filled with mineral water) with a tap and glasses made of biodegradable material.
You can drink and fill your own water bottle or camel bag.

Course not measurable to AIMS standards

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