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25. novembris 08:30

Asics Firenze Marathon

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Mājas lapa: Asics Firenze Marathon

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Firenze Marathon has some announcements to make for the 2018 marathon, which will celebrate 35 years of the event. This will be an event that involves even more of the city of Florence, due to the fact that for years, Florence has proven itself a city proud of her marathon, and excited to participate in the festival to sustain the nearly 10 thousand runners. That which will take place on November 25 will be a week full of events planned specifically to encourage the city of Florence to be more involved in the “marathon mood”.
Step by step all along its 42 kilometers and 195 meters you are surrounded by centuries of art, history and culture, a unique emotion that can only be experienced by those who run in Florence. Year after year, thousands of sportspeople and enthusiasts from all over the world come to participate in this classic race on the last Sunday in November.

The 35th edition of the race route is confirmed with start and finish at Piazza Duomo, the heart of the city. Other piazzas, including Piazza della Repubblica and Piazza Santa Maria Novella will be used to support the runners with refreshments, warm up exercises, massage therapy, and race pack storage. The entire historic center of Florence will be one big party on the day of the race.


From 16th January to 15th May  € 40
From 16th May to 31th July  € 50
From 1st August to 15th October  € 60
From 16th October to 15th November  € 80

Enrollments must be made by 14 November 2018.


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