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Generali Milano Marathon [TIEK PĀRCELTS!]

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Mājas lapa: Generali Milano Marathon [TIEK PĀRCELTS!]

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Dear Runners,

No one knows better than you that running means freedom. And in sport as in the marathon of life, freedom is being able to choose. Also to choose not to run, if this is the right thing to do for oneself and for others. That is why we are convinced that, in this moment of emergency for Italy and its people, you will all understand our decision, albeit painful, to postpone the Generali Milano Marathon scheduled for April the 5th.

(…) We are already working to find, in the coming months when the emergency is over, a new date in the Fidal calendar that we will communicate to you soon. (…)


Twenty years of Milano Marathon

April 5th 2020 will be a significant date in the history of the Generali Milano Marathon. The 20th edition of the race will be held along city’s streets, a prestigious award for the event that in 2019 became one of the most important international marathon both for the number of runners and the time result of the winners.

The Generali Milano Marathon offers a modern and complete course, which combines the smoothness requested by top runners and fast amateurs, with the opportunity to admire and enjoy an increasingly beautiful city in its combination of historical and contemporary elements.

Awarded the Silver Label of the IAAF and the FIDAL Gold Label, Milano Marathon is the only Italian marathon included in the new international circuit Abbott World Marathon Majors Wanda Age Group World Rankings. By running in April along the streets of Milan, runners will have the opportunity to earn points to qualify for the first World Age final in London.


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