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24. novembris 09:00

Maratón Donostia – San Sebastián

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Flat, flat, flat… Don’t worry, our keyboard hasn’t got stuck and we are not typing the same word non-stop. We are just describing one of the main features of Zurich San Sebastian Marathon, a race which will not leave you unmoved since it is designed for you to improve your PB. All those training sessions will finally pay off in this marathon, half marathon or 10k race- you can choose the right distance. A race where you won’t find the usual masses of runners of bigger marathons and where the total elevation gain is around 12,5 meters, almost nothing compared to other big European marathons.

Running in San Sebastian will offer you an ideal route to improve your personal best or to run your fist marathon if you are a beginner. And time will fly, as you will be running past the most beautiful and emblematic areas of the town, including the famous La Concha Beach, while you enjoy the incredible atmosphere.

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