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15. augusts 08:00

Heavy Metal Ultra

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Heavy Metal Ultra – backyard ultra race with heavy metal music!

Start will be given 15.08.2020 at 8:00 when first heavy metal song will start to play. Then you have one hour to run 6,7 km loop. Race has new start every full hour. To continue, you have to cover 6,7 km loop before the next start in next full hour. The competition ends when there is only one participant left who have to run last loop alone within 1 hour.

During the day (starting at 8:00-20:00), you run on the technical and demanding forest trail and at night (starting at 21:00-7:00) on asphalt road.

2020 HMU is the Golden Ticket Competition. This means that the winner will automatically be awarded with a starting place on the 2020 “Big’s Backyard Ultra” in the USA, where the winners of backyard ultras around the world will compete in the World Cup.

2020 Heavy Metal Ultra registration opens 2.01.2020!
We will draw “Polar Vantage M” multisport GPS watch between everybody who registers during January!

Entry fees:
– 02.01.2020 – 31.05.2020    54 €   (this registration period is prolonged due to the COVID-19 pandemic)
1.06.2020 – 31.07.2020    66 €
– 1.08.2020 – 15.08.2020    82 €
The maximum number of participants in the HMU is 140 (one hundred and forty)!

One wish song (preferably harder rock, etc.) can be entered in the registration form. These songs are used to create a playlist of start songs that will be played in order of registration.


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4 komentāri rakstam Heavy Metal Ultra

  • Andulis

    Vērts atzīmēt šo datumu (15.08.2020) savos kalendāros! Vismaz, ilgskrējienu vai igauņu skrējienu cienītājiem :)

    Nolikums būšot decembrī, pieteikšanās – no 2. janvāra.

    Protams, sakritīs ar pašlaik plānoto Stirnu buka posmu.

  • Olle

    Registration is open!

  • Olle

    Estonian government announced today, that if the situation will not get worse, public events with less than 1,000 participants would be allowed in July and August. Chances, that HMU 2020 will take place in correct time, became much more likely. Price of registration will rise from 1st of July. We still guarantee that if we have to postpone the competition, we will postpone everyone’s participation accordingly.

  • Olle

    As we prolonged the cheaper registration period because of the coronavirus, then it is still possible to register with 54.-€ until 1.06.





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