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6. septembris

Sportisimo Prague Half Marathon [MAINĪTS datums!]

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Treniņu plāns pusmaratonam:

Yesterday (10.03.2020), the Czech government decided to ban until further notice all cultural, sporting and social events with participation over 100 people. Since then we were looking for the best solution for the Sportisimo Prague Half Marathon which was planned for 28 March.

(…) Therefore we have decided to postpone the race. (…)

The runners that are registered for the race do not have to report anywhere or confirm their participation in the postponed race – all start numbers together with the additional services like T-shirt or medal engraving will be automatically transferred to the new date.

Sportisimo Prague Half Marathon 2020 is now scheduled to take place on Sunday morning, 6 September 2020. The time and the place of the start will be confirmed.

Those registered runners who may not be able to participate in the postponed race this year can change their valid entry ownership to another person or to defer their entry to the 2021 Sportisimo Prague Half Marathon (scheduled for 27 March 2021). Both options are possible to do without any additional cost until the end of July.

(…) Do you have questions? Check FAQ here


The 22nd Sportisimo Prague Half Marathon is a thing of beauty. Not just because of our breathtaking scenery. But because of who comes out to participate. From the awe-inspiring Kenyans and Ethiopians to Czech schoolchildren. To us they are all beautiful. And everyone who cares enough to put running shoes on their feet is welcome here with open arms.

Sportisimo Prague Half Marathon is part of Half Marathon Series SuperHalfs

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2 komentāri rakstam Sportisimo Prague Half Marathon [MAINĪTS datums!]

  • Andulis

    Arī Prāgā uzvarējis COVID-19 ;)

    Organizatori šodien:

    “We respect today’s decision of the Government of the Czech Republic to cancel all events over 100 people. We are thankful for their efforts in taking the situation under control.
    Due to recent circumstances around the world and in the Czech Republic, to limit the spreading is the appropriate effort taken. Health is the priority.
    The news is fresh to all of us at the same time. We kindly ask you for patience. We will give you more information about the 22nd edition of the Sportisimo Prague Half Marathon no later than Wednesday 11 March at 4pm CET.”

  • Andulis

    Pārcelts no 28. marta uz 6. septembri!

    Interesanti, ka 6.09. jau priekšā ir divi citi pārcelti pasākumi. Gan [Prāgai] netālais Bratislavas maratons, gan arī otrs jaunā kruto pusmaratonu seriāla-izaicinājuma “Superhalfs” pasākums Lisabonā





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