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Taliharja Vanakuri 2020 – 101km/48km Winter Ultra Endurance Race

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Mājas lapa: Taliharja Vanakuri 2020 – 101km/48km Winter Ultra Endurance Race
Pieteikšanās lapa: Taliharja Vanakuri 2020 – 101km/48km Winter Ultra Endurance Race pieteikšanās

is a 101 km winter ultra endurance race mostly in darkness through Latvian and Estonian wild nature reserves that runs on snowy/icy/muddy small roads, trails and crosses vast forests.

Race course is about 101km long and is marked. Marking is mostly RMK hiking trail marking, but might include also sections that has special marking. Race can be done either on foot, on skis or by bike. Racers must follow the race course and they are not allowed to do short cuts. When travelling on open roads traffic law must be followed. Sun sets 15.54 and light fades at 16.43 so a big portion of the race course will be completed in darkness!
Race course:

There is a possibility to do a soft-core version of the race where you finish at midcamp at 48km. Before and after race you must have your own transport to/from Iisaku midcamp. Start bus will pick you up and take you to start. All other conditions are the same as main event. Registration fee is 10 eur cheaper if you will not go to finish (own transport) to get finish services (food & sauna etc). You will get a result for 48km “Pehmo” race, a finisher prize and midcamp services incl. snack food.

Karula National Park visitors center
It is possible to sleep in race center before and after the race and leave your car in parking lot. Sleeping before race is on racers own expense. Sleeping after race on floor is included in race fee, private bed is for extra cost. Information for booking accommodation will be available latest 15.11.2019 on homepage

Korneti village, Latvian Republic

Mõniste Mõniste Rural Life Museum

– Race starts on Saturday, January 11, 2020 at 12:00 h.
– Race finish closes on Sunday, January 12, 2020 at 12:00 h.

Registration opens on webpage 01.11.2019 and closes on 06.01.2020

For runners, skiers and bikers registration price is 40 eur until 30.11.2019. Price will be 50 eur from 01.12.2019 to 31.12.2019. Late price after 01.01.2020 will be 60 eur.

– transport to start from finish with special bus
– race maps
– race number
– GPS tracking by Sportrec
food & facilities in the finish.
finisher prize and diploma
– In midcamp checkpoint: warm room, snacks and warm drink.
transport of one bag per participant from start to finish.
Participants have a possibility to sleep after finish on the floor in a sleeping hall (free) or can book a private bed at own expense at finish house. Beds are limited. Information about booking accommodation will be available latest 15.11.2019

Anybody who wants to participate in this race, must have the common sense to familiarize oneself about all the needs to face a competition like that. Racers must be self-sufficient and have the ability to take care of themselves. This race is potentially a dangerous one, participants have to really seriously consider if they are physically and mentally prepared for this kind of race.
– Racers must be a minimum of 18 years old.
– Race is limited to 50 participants each course.
– Racers can choose to participate by running, (fat)-bike or ski.
– Racers must have previous experience in ultra racing (ultrarunning, adventure race, rogaining)
The race director reserves the right to refuse the entry to any racer not experienced enough.

In case a participant cancels the registration til 20.12.2019 half of the race fee will be returned.
In case a participant cancels the registration from 21.12.2019, there will be no refunds.
Entry can be transfered to another approved racer until 31.12.2019.
The race may be canceled before or after the start in case of extreme weather conditions that make it extremely dangerous or impossible. In case that organisation cancels the race before it begins, the registration fee will be refunded proportionally to service received. In case the organization cancels the race after it starts for extreme conditions, there will be no refunds.

All finishers will get a race specific prize and diploma.

Maximum time allowed to complete the race is 24 hours (by 12:00 h. January 12, 2020). Any participant who is unable to complete the race in this time will be disqualified.
Cut-off time at midcamp will be 10h from start (participants must leave midcamp by 11. january 21.59.59).

Pre Race meeting is suggested for all participants. Pre Race meeting takes place 30 min before bus departure from Finish to start.
During the Pre-race meeting the organisation will do the mandatory gear check
and supply the numbers and race maps.  You must be ready to show the mandatory gear to the Race Director before getting race material. For those participants coming to start on their own, race breefing will be done before start.

Racers must carry all mandatory gear throughout the entire race from beginning to end and finish it with it (excl food). Any racer who does not have the appropriate mandatory gear is not allowed to participate. Any racer who does not finish with the mandatory gear will be disqualified.

1- Sleeping bag or Bivy bag min. 250gr or insulated jacket (puffy).
2- Sleeping pad (foam mattres, bubblewrap or similar).
3- Emergency foil blanket
4 – Fire starting device to build emergency fire for warmth
All above gear is necessary for emergency situations to increase the chances of survival in harsh conditions. When static a person will cool down rapidly, but help might be hours away.

5- Headlamp with enough batteries.
6- Rear red flashing lamp with enough batteries.
7- Reflective patches on clothing front and back.
8- Whistle.
9 – Phone (switched on) + extra battery pack
All above gear is important to be visible on course and be locatable in emergency situation.

10 – GPS device with saved route. Special GPS device or GPS watch with track following function is suggested. Smartphone+ extra battery is accepted, but not a good choice in case of rain or minus degrees.
11 – Water container(s) capacity at least 1,5l
12 – Food min 2000 kcalories
13 – GPS tracking device provided by organisation

1- Waterproof socks or overshoes (there can be water on the course even when freezing/snow).
2- Footwear with good grip and suitable for temperatures 0ºC to -30ºC
3- Spare thermal underwear.
4- Full wind/waterproof jacket and pants (Goretex or similar).
5- Extra gloves (cover mittens suggested).
6- Insulation for water container.
7- Tape, vaseline for blisters.

Reflective gear is mandatory for all racers. Reflective material must be worn at all time and be visible in front and back. The rear red flashing light and front light must be ON when travelling on roads. In case of sleeping between checkpoints the red flashing light must be ON and visible from course.

The Race number is mandatory for all racers. On bikes it must be attached at the front, on foot/ski racer visibly in front or back.

No littering the trail! Leave no trace except footsteps. You have to carry everything you start with until the finish. Trash can be disposed also in midcamp. Do not defecate on race trail. Get off the trail for it and return to same spot to continue.

This is a human powered race, racers must be self sufficient from start to finish. Any outside help by a support crew, motorized transport, animals etc – assistance to advance on the trail is not allowed. Racers will be disqualified if, at any time during the race, they have any outside help.

All racers must physically sign-in and sign-out at the race midcamp checkpoint marked on map. Hot drink and snacks are provided. There is a warm room & toilets.
All racers must adhere to the checkpoint cut-off time which is 10h from start (participants must leave midcamp by 11. january 21.59.59).

Evacuations are at racer’s expense. When not acute medical issue, evacuation cost by car from race course is 20 eur and can be done only from a part of race course that is on drivable road. All racers must inform the race director if they leave the course and will not go to finish.
Rescue will be only in case of accident or acute medical issue. In case that needs rescue the participant should call emergency services phone 112 first and then inform race organization.

All participants will be tracked live and their location published in the internet by Sportrec tracking device. All personal units for navigation, tracking or emergency position are allowed. Usually there is phone coverage throughout the race course. It is allowed to use your com devices to report on your progress during the race.

Step 1:
– Fill in the form with all the information requested, tick that you have read the race rules.
Step 2:
Once we receive your form, we will send you a confirmation e-mail telling that you passed the selection process and our bank transfer details.
Step 3:
Pay participation fee in EUR by wire transfer (must include transfer fees)- and your registration procedure is completed. Now your name is in the roster.

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